Thursday, November 22, 2007

Got Yarn?

I have compiled some of the yarn that I have dyed as well as the fibers. I also include yarn that I have spun over the last couple of months. These are all nice colors and they spun really well. The majority of the yarn that I have here is also merino wool, pure virgin wool with natural oils, as well as some silk blends.

This is handspun and hand-dyed yarn and they were all dyed with kool aid except the green yarn which was dyed with food coloring
This is hand-dyed yarn that turn our great. The blue reminds me of the ocean and the red/orange/yellow reminds me of a nice sunrise :) I used 100% wool for dyeing this yarn

This is an up close look at the "Sunrise"

This is an up close look at the "Ocean"

Pretty in purple with a hint of an aqua blue :)

This is a single ply yarn that I spun. It has all the colors of the rainbow. This was nice to spin and spun really easy.

These three yarns were spun with silk blends in it. Absolutely great colors!

My favorite color is blue! These are all silk blends and I have to say, spinning silk is not that easy but it is fun!

More silk and wool blends of blue :)

OHHHHH! How I love these colors! They are all handspun and would make great wool hats and scarves!

This is about 450 yards of hand-dyed yarn. This yarn is actually very heavy and would be great to make a nice warm winter gear or just about anything. I liked the way the colors came out the two on the left have different shades of purple. The one on the right was dyed with red but turned out to be pink which still looked really nice.

This is dyed with food coloring and it is about 3-4 oz

I really got carried away with dyeing fiber but all of these turned out great! This is about 5-6 oz of standard virgin wool. I used kool aid for the the orange and pink fibers. The other fibers were dyed with food coloring.

These colors are great! All were dyed with food coloring and turn out great! This is about 7-9 oz of fiber. The one in the back to the left reminds me of madi gras and the two green ones remind me of St. Patrick's Day :) And of course the bright yellow and orange reminds me of the sun :)

This is about 1/2 lb of fiber (Little bit closer to a pound :)) the one in the middle is dyed with kool aid and the other two were dyed with food coloring.
This was so much fun and I plan to spend my winter break dyeing more yarn and spinning more!


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